The End of the F***ing World Increases Its Drama In Second Season

The End of the F***ing World introduces the character of Bonnie in its second season. As this season is released two years after the first season, the episodes occur two years after the finale of season one. (Warning, this article contains spoilers for season two.) 

At the end of season one, James was shot on the beach, leaving the audience unsure if the main character is alive or dead. The first episode of season two completely focuses on Bonnie, an ex-convict that spent time in jail for purposefully hitting a woman with a car. Throughout the episode, Bonnie’s character is developed as one who received emotional and mental abuse from her mother and is a victim of an absent father. In one uncomfortable scene, Bonnie’s mother makes her eat lipstick because she did not allow her daughter to wear makeup. Bonnie failed to live up to the unreachable expectations that her mother had for her to ace school, and she ends up working at a college instead of studying at one like her mom envisioned her to do. 

Bonnie happens to work in the book store at the same college as Professor Clive, the man that James killed in order to protect Alyssa from sexual assault during the last season. Fascinated by his class, Bonnie illegally sits in on his lectures. Eventually, the two become intimate after Clive asks her to come over to his house. Once Bonnie discovers that he has been cheating on her with another student, she runs her over with her car. Evidently willing to do anything for love, Bonnie sets out to murder the two people involved with the killing of Clive: James and Alyssa. 

Both of the characters now 19, they find themselves estranged from each other. James spends time recovering from his bullet wound in the hospital, and Alyssa moves away from their town and develops a relationship with a different boy. Once James’ father dies, he realizes how lonely he is and strives to reconnect with Alyssa. Alyssa realizes that she does not love the boy she is about to marry and runs away from her wedding. The audience is left at the edge of their seats for the majority of the season as the unlikely pair of James and Alyssa are on the road again, running away from their problems. The two main characters are unaware of the danger in their wake as they take on Bonnie, who poses as a hitchhiker in attempts to kill them. 

The series seems to be filmed in a sort of alternate reality, as most of the season is filmed while the main characters are in the same outfits, like a cartoon: James in the suit he wore to his father’s funeral, and Alyssa in the poofy gown she wore when she ran away from her wedding. The setting has a American feel contrary to its British characters, as the storyline primarily takes place across diners, gas stations and motels. Overall, “The End of the F***ing World’s” second season was satisfying.

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