North Korea Is No longer Interested in Meeting with the US

As we all are aware, President Donald Trump is famous for his large ego and tendency to boast about his accomplishments. However, this time it seems he has gone too far. For the past few years, the United States and North Korea have been meeting to discuss a treaty, which would state that neither country will attack or use nuclear strikes against each other. However, North Korea is no longer interested in meeting to discuss this, and it has all come down to a matter of boasting and pride.

In one of his many tweets, President Trump said, “See you soon!” To the North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, which was interpreted as Trump stating that he wanted to meet again to discuss matters of political importance. However, North Korea has sent out a statement that they no longer want to meet with Trump because they are “no longer interested in these meetings that are useless to us.” Apparently, North Korea felt that these meetings have been a waste of time. In addition to this, they feel that the only reason that Trump is interested in meeting with them is so he can receive praise on “how great of a negotiator and leader he is.” If the North Korean Government feels that there is no use for the meetings, then why would they want to meet? 

Trump’s bragging has finally done real damage. As a result of his pride and his need to talk about how great he is, the country has lost an opportunity to meet and discuss neutrality over something that is potentially a great threat to our country. Perhaps if he stopped focussing on his ego for two minutes and really focused on how the issues of the country are affecting the everyday human being and not how they are affecting his public image, he would see that this is a real problem. Kim Jon Un is not backing out of these meetings because he is a coward or because Trump has him right where he wants him, it is because he is fed up with Trump’s childish pride and his boastful attitude. Until Trump starts to deliver on what he has promised, North Korea feels that they have nothing to gain from the negotiations. Perhaps now people will realize we have a problem. While Kim Jon Un is a very violent and tyrannical leader in his own right, he still knows when someone is making a fool of him or when someone is wasting his time. 

This could mean real danger for our country. If this boasting about the meetings is taken as an insult, then we will have a real problem. If the arguing keeps going, this may get to a level where those nuclear missiles are aimed directly at us. Trump has such a narrow point of view that he seems to only care about what makes himself look good. Despite what he says, it seems that he does not have the countries best interests at heart. While these meetings with North Korea were a great opportunity for the United Statesas negotiations regarding the use over nuclear weapons could bring about a positive change, now these meetings will no longer happen because our President has been acting like a child.

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