“The Hookup Plan” show review

“The Hookup Plan,” also known as “Pan Cœur” is a French language series that aired on Netflix in 2018. Season two was dropped by Netflix on October 11 featuring eight 30 minute episodes. The Netflix series follows the life of a young Parisian woman, Elsa. After her breakup with her longtime boyfriend in season one, her best friends Emilie and Charlotte decided to hire a male escort to get over her breakup, known as Jules. However, Elsa falls in love with Jules and is not aware that her friends had hired him to help her get over her breakup. 

Season one ended with many cliffhangers. Elsa left Paris for Buenos Aires, upon the discovery that her friends had hired Jules. The season finally ended with Jules showing up on Elsa’s doorstep. Only for viewers to question- Does Elsa forgive him? Does the couple reunite or does Elsa bail for Buenos Aires? Did Mathieu and Charlotte get together because he finally told her that he loved her? What kind of parents will Emilie and Antoine be to their new baby and will there be a wedding? All the questions are answered in season two.

Plan Cœur is the second French series to be produced by Netflix, after “Marseille,” and the first to be a true hit among French audiences. Netflix has seen a larger viewing audience with “The Hookup Plan,” compared to “Marsellie.” Now the question stands: will Netflix renew “The Hookup Plan” for a third season?

For Netflix lovers of romantic comedies, “The Hookup Plan” is definitely an easy show to watch for a laugh. One does not need to know or understand French to  understand the show, as it is easy to follow with English subtitles. As you become invested in the show, you might find yourself wishing you lived in Paris.

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