“El Camino” releases for Breaking Bad fans

On October 11, “Breaking Bad” fanatics waited anxiously for the new Breaking Bad movie, “El Camino,” to debut at midnight. Although deemed as a “movie,” the extended monologue of Jesse Pinkman portrays more of an extended episode. Aaron Paul is no longer the “yea! Bitch!” Jesse that we all remember, and instead is a washed-up, unshaven shell of a person with severe PTSD. For viewers, an understanding of Breaking Bad would be necessary to comprehend “El Camino,” as this is not a stand-alone movie. El Camino refers to the car Jesse has during the film, which is fitting as the movie captures Jesse’s escape from the FBI, DEA, and every major law enforcement agency in the US.

As expected, the movie picked up where the show left off in its 2013 finale, reuniting viewers with Jesse Pinkman, who drives off at the end of the series to some great big unknown. His fate has always been left up in the air leaving viewers to question: Did he escape to something better? Or was he picked up by the cops mere moments later? However, in the world of “Breaking Bad,” we know that Jesse’s tale seems to skew toward darkness.

Fans of “Breaking Bad” will see parallels in design and structure of their favorite show. “El Camino” opens up with Jesse calling on his allies like Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), Badger (Matt Jones), and even Old Joe (Larry Hankin). These old friends are able to scavenge up money for Jesse to plan his escape from the cops. With remorseful flashbacks to deceased characters, such as our beloved Heisenberg and Mike, viewers are able to relive the past.

Vince Gilligan, writer and director, successfully keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they watch the final outcome of Jesse Pinkman. Fans will know that from the beginning of “Breaking Bad” to the epilogue, there is never an end to Jesse and Walter Whites’ international meth business.  One action always leads to another. Now we’re just left to wonder what happened to Skyler. Maybe we will find out in the next few years.

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