Creative Writing Club Creating a Name for Itself with Activities Around Campus

Each week, members of the Creative Writing Club at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) gather to bounce ideas off of one another in order  brainstorm topics for their new writing pieces. Creative writing allows students to pursue different genres of writing from which they might be restricted in their normal English classes, which encourages writing for enjoyment rather than writing for a grade. 

Club President Molly Wulff (‘20) has been a member of the club ever since her first semester at SMCM. She remarked that the club serves as “a place for writers to connect with other creative writers on campus.” She continued, “Writing is often described as something solitary, but it’s really not. It’s important to have a group around you, so you can bounce ideas off one another, get advice from older and more experienced writers, and sometimes, just for moral support.” The Creative Writing Club brings together students with a common interest in writing and encourages them to form new relationships with people and learn from each other in order to better develop themselves as writers. 

Wulff stated that at the club meetings, the members discuss the different techniques which can be explored in creative writing. She explained, “so far we’ve discussed characters, worldbuilding, magic systems and have also held peer review and free-writing sessions.” The exercises presented at the club meetings will prove beneficial if students are required by a professor to write works of fiction or creative nonfiction. Members of the club are given a foundation of how to draft a story based off  their own ideas, allowing them to have full reign of their own work. 

Aside from writing, members of SMCM’s Creative Writing Club are involved in various activities throughout campus as well. They work hard to promote writing for pleasure and offer various workshops for students who are interested in developing their writing outside of the classroom. Wulff mentioned, “We’ve collaborated with other clubs before, such as when we helped Humans vs. Zombies write the storyline for one of their games a couple of years ago.” Opportunities such as the collaboration with the Humans vs. Zombies club also allows the club members to practice the techniques that they work on at meetings, while also sharing their talents with other students and members of the campus community. 

Maya Rogalski (‘22), the Vice President of the Creative Writing Club and member since the spring 2019 semester, asserted that her favorite genres to write are horror, science-fiction and poetry. Rogalski stated, “We are a safe space for writers to come learn more about their craft, share their thoughts and ideas, as well as write creatively. Our community accepts anyone and everyone. We are a no judgement zone, so students should feel free to stop by anytime and come and go as they please.” Two of the workshops hosted by the club in Rogalski’s time were focused on character development and magic systems, which allowed writers to broaden their skills in these two areas and smooth out any rough edges that they may face in these fields of writing. 

Any SMCM students are welcome to Creative Writing Club meetings, and they are encouraged to bring an open mind and a touch of creativity. Rogalski claimed that students should pursue the Creative Writing Club “if they want to be apart of a community of peers that love writing.” Anyone who is interested can attend the weekly meetings held in Goodpaster 230 on Thursdays at 7 p.m.

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