Club Spotlight: SMCM Powerlifting

A new club, SMCM Powerlifting, has been brought to the SMCM community this school year. The club started when Jared Szadkowski (‘22) wanted to “start a powerlifting club to be able to help individuals [like him] who had stopped playing sports in high school, but still wanted to continue to work out and improve themselves.” Szadkowski remarks he first got into powerlifting from football but “became much more interested in powerlifting over football throughout the years and wanted to prove I could become a champion in the sport.” 

Alfie Moore, a friend of Szadkowski for nearly 10 years began powerlifting around eighth grade after being introduced by Szadkowski. Moore recalls “before college over the summer, we would go to the gym together and he slowly got me into it. It took off more freshman year when we started to meet more people in the gym and create our little community. I would say I am not as enthusiastic as Jared is about powerlifting however, it keeps me in shape and getting to the gym every day. I also decided that I was sick of not being as strong as I would like to be, so having a group of people motivated to work out really helped and now it has become part of my everyday schedule.” 

Spencer Woehrle (‘22) was also introduced to powerlifting through his freshman year housemate Szadkowski. Woehrle remarks “I wasn’t playing sports anymore so I needed a way to stay in shape/ get my energy out. So I started going to the gym w/ Jerad and the rest of the guys. Turns out I really enjoyed it and stuck with it.” All three agree that there are plenty of benefits. “It’s fun, challenging, and a great way to get stronger! It’s a good stress relief,” Woehrle believes.

The training session usually lasts about two hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday from 10-12 a.m.. Szadkowski said that at meetings they work on the major compound movements including deadlift, squat, and bench.” Woehrle adds “When it comes to the actual lifting it’s serious. If you mess around then it can be dangerous. It’s difficult but rewarding.” But don’t worry, the club will help teach all correct movements. 

Moore concludes, “Anyone can join! We encourage anyone to come and train with us! It is really fun and beneficial for everyone involved. Everyone is supportive of each other and helps each other. We want to help anyone that is nervous to use the gym because we know that the gym can be a fairly intimidating place, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. We would love to meet more people who want to start working out and gain muscle.” Szadkowski agrees as he is always promoting a “positive environment for everyone.”

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