Diagnosis Netflix Review

On Aug. 16, Netflix released a new documentary series known as “Diagnosis.” Tthe seven episode series follows doctor and reporter for the New York Times Dr. Lisa Sanders as she takes on bizarre and strange medical cases to uncover the real diagnosis.

For medical series fanatics of “House MD,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scrubs,” or even “Sherlock Holmes,” “Diagnosis” is sure to leave you questioning and anticipating what comes next in medical research.

Sanders is a Yale University School of Medicine clinician, who also writes a column in the New York Times known as “Diagnosis.” When she first started writing the column, her goal was to help patients crowdsurf through the media in order to find someone who could explain what medical conditions they may have. 

All seven episodes of the first season introduce patients facing serious, debilitating health issues, from brain inflammation, to frequent seizures, to an inability to eat or drink without vomiting. Through Sanders’ columns she attempts to crowdsurf in order to answer the most vexing illnesses for people who write in. The Netflix series shows theories that pour in from other doctors, researchers, and people who have dealt with similar complications, as well as what the patients opt to do with that information. While they attempt to figure out a solution, viewers try to put the puzzle pieces together too. 

The experience of watching “Diagnosis” is almost the opposite of watching true crime. Instead of seeking an explanation as to why a person died, you consider the evidence that will lead to a treatment that keeps a person alive and thriving.

The mystery medical reality series will definitely keep you questioning what the person has, as well as pull at your heart strings. Viewers not only learn about specific ailments and illnesses, but also how critical one’s health is to their life.  There is no word yet if Netflix will release season two. 

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