Jamie L. Roberts Stadium Construction Pushed Back Until Spring of 2020

The Jamie L. Roberts Stadium complex will be a state of the art venue for current and future Seahawk athletes to compete on, once finished. In order to ensure that the athletic fields, seating area, and locker rooms are built at an elite level, St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) has decided to push back the completion of the $12.8 million project until April of 2020.

After breaking ground in the fall of 2016, the stadium complex has been moving along at a vigorous pace. Originally scheduled to be finished by the fall of 2018, the Jamie L. Roberts complex is no stranger to being delayed. The fall of 2018 completion date was pushed back until the spring of 2019 and as recently as early Feb., the school set a dedication day of Sept. 7, 2019. However this will be pushed back yet again until April of 2020. A school spokesman ensures that this most recent delay is in order to “provide our athletes with the highest quality sports venue that NCAA Division III has to offer.”

This will mean that the first games to be played at the completed Jamie L. Roberts stadium will most likely be the senior games for mens’ and womens’ lacrosse (teams have been playing at the construction site since the fall).

Upon completion, the new complex will be home to an artificial turf field and a natural grass field. In-between these two fields will be a building with stands on each side so that spectators can watch games on either field. The complex building will be home to new training rooms, locker rooms for the athletes, press boxes, a bowling alley, and a new weight room. The school is also considering adding a chain restaurant to the building. They are currently deciding between Chick-fil-a, Panera, or Five Guys.

Despite the delay on the athletic complex, phase III of the college’s plan, a new academic building and auditorium, is actually ahead of schedule. SMCM will be constructing a 52,289 square foot academic building on the grounds of the old athletics game field. Construction of this building was originally planned for the fall of 2022, but college officials are confident that it will be completed by the spring of 2020. The same college spokesman stated “academics is very important to us here at SMCM, which is why we are determined to have our new academic building up and running by the spring of 2020. We will spare no time in completing this structure.”

This academic building will consist of a 700-seat auditorium, a new area for the music department, an area to house the MAT program, and a learning commons area, according to smcmathletics.com. Montgomery hall, where the current music department is located, will be used to house the college’s new nursing program. The school is ecstatic to finally be adding a nursing program because it will allow for a wider variety of students to attend SMCM and experience everything that Southern Maryland has to offer.

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