The Washington Redskins Need a Quarterback

On March 11, the Washington Redskins signed former New York Giants pro bowl safety, Landon Collins to a six-year, $84 million deal. After years of mediocracy, the team must continue to improve– especially at quarterback.

After signing the Pro Bowl safety to a shocking mega-deal, the front office has signaled that the team is not waiting around or going into a rebuild. They are in win-now mode in an attempt to regain the faith of the fanbase that has meandered off since the Redskins have only made the playoffs twice over the course of ten years.

However, the first step in regaining the faith of the Washington fanbase is to go out and get a quarterback who can win football games. After the front office whiffed on the second overall draft pick in 2012 with quarterback Robert Griffin III, was unable to sign quarterback Kirk Cousins to an extension and failed on the Alex Smith signing due to a significant injury that may be career ending, the team must go out and get a quarterback. Ultimately a team cannot win a Superbowl with backup caliber quarterbacks such as Colt McCoy and Case Keenum.

After the uncertainty with the knee injury of quarterback Alex Smith, the team knew that they must make a move in the offseason to sure up the quarterback position. However, the first move that they made proved that the front office and ownership are satisfied with continued mediocre results– the signing of journeyman quarterback, Case Keenum.

Case Keenum has proven to be a below average quarterback in his NFL career and will not be able to lead the Redskins to the Superbowl. In Keenum’s time in the league, he has only led one team to the playoffs, the 2017 Minnesota Vikings. This team, according to Pro Football Reference had the number one defense in the league as well as many weapons on offense such as star wide-outs Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph.

The Redskins do not have the number one defense in the league or top wideouts. Therefore, the team must make a flashy move and sign or draft a quarterback who can rejuvenate the fan base and have the ability to lead the team to a Superbowl or playoff appearance.

Instead of basking in mediocracy, the team must regain the faith of the fanbase and get back to the glory days when the franchise played in Robert F. Kennedy stadium in Washington D.C. The days where the stadium would rock, the off-seasons where a front office could properly build a team and an owner who was committed to winning. After years of losing seasons, the fanbase has dwindled and suddenly the team cannot even fill up FedEx Field to its full seating capacity.

The owner and front office are seemingly asking themselves every offseason about what they can do to get the fans engaged once again. Numerous children in D.C. do not even list the Redskins as their favorite team due to continued lackluster results. The fanbase is dwindling quickly and the team must find a way to change the look immediately.

The most obvious answer is to draft or trade for a quarterback who can provide spark to the team like Joe Theismann and Doug Williams did in Washington in their times as quarterbacks. The Redskins need a franchise quarterback who they can build around for years; a player who can provide a spark to the fanbase as well as recruit and bring big name players to the district.

Instead of continuing to search for mediocre stop-gap quarterbacks, the team must immediately make a move. The owner should not continue to expect warm welcomes to FedEx Field if he continues to degrade a former perennial contender football team to an annual laughing stock of the league franchise.

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