Netflix Releases Action Packed Series “The Umbrella Academy”

On Feb. 15, Netflix released a 10-episode series called “The Umbrella Academy.” The series is based on a comic book also titled “The Umbrella Academy” by Gabriel Ba’ and Gerard Way, former frontman of the band My Chemical Romance. It follows the action-packed and dramatic lives of a family of seven children that all have unique superpowers.

The show begins with a scene of a woman who spontaneously gives birth to a child and was not pregnant before. This same thing happened to 42 other women as well, seven of which were adopted by a billionaire. After not seeing each other for years, the six living siblings reunite upon hearing of their father’s mysterious death in hopes of figuring out how he passed. The siblings were originally trained by their father to prepare to save the world from the apocalypse. One of the siblings who has the power of time travel warns the rest that the end is approaching and that they must take action.

“The Umbrella Academy” does not seem like the average superhero shows, movies or comics as it incorporates much more than just action. It includes a lot of comedy, drama and  emotion. This makes it appealing even to people who are not particularly interested in the typical superhero genre. There are parts that seem cliche causing much of the show to be predictable, but there is also some originality incorporated in it.

The plot of the show seems a bit sporadic at times, which can make it hard to follow. It starts especially slow, but after getting through the first two episodes it becomes a little more intriguing. Despite this, there are many different storylines packed into each episode that overlap but also seem like they are rushed in order to fit it all into one hour. Perhaps making it more spread out would have added some more clarity and organization to the plot-line.

The cast and soundtrack are definitely strengths for the show. It features well-known actors and actresses such as Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige. The acting is impressive, as is the cinematography. The soundtrack, curated by Gerard Way and Ray Toro, includes artists such as Queen, Radiohead, The Kinks and more. The choices of songs are all very fitting, add a lot to each scene and almost make it seem like a musical at times. Billboard reports that some of the featured musicians have gained massive increases in streams and music sales since the release of the show.

“The Umbrella Academy” is an exciting show, but could use some more structure in my opinion. As a fan of My Chemical Romance, I had high expectations, but was not particularly impressed. Although there are certain strengths, the show seems to move very slowly for the most part. However, the show has gotten great reviews in general, so it may have just not appealed to me specifically. I would recommend this show to people who are enthusiastic about action movies and dramas.


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