Malaga, Cepero Santos Win SGA Presidential Election

Townhouse Senator Rebecca Malaga (’20), and her running mate, Senate Leader Roselyanne Cepero Santos (’21), have officially been nominated as the SGA Presidential candidates following a tense election against Lewis Quad Senator Joseph Perriello (’21) and his running mate, PG Senator Anna Pence (’21).

The election concluded at midnight Saturday morning, and Malaga’s victory became clear soon after. The official results were announced at the SGA meeting on Tuesday, March 26.

Both candidates spent the election season heavily using social media to spread their names and platforms, with both candidates purchasing Snapchat filters, printing flyers, and sharing their platforms online.

“We worked really hard to have a strong social media presence,” Malaga said, “my main goal was to engage with as many people as possible because I thought that would be more beneficial in the long run than more passive techniques.”

Malaga stated that she “was anticipating a very close election,” and was “really surprised by how many people supported us.”

“Our supporters really had our back and carried us through the election,” Malaga said, “I think it’s really important that I make sure to give my supporters credit for this as well because there’s no way it could have happened without them.”

In addition to the presidential candidates, Colin Sweatt (’20) was elected to become the next SGA Treasurer, and Aissatou Thawe (’20) was elected to become the next Director of Campus Programming.

Election season is still far from over, as Senators for next year’s Senate still need to be elected by their respective residences. Elections for Senators will be held from April 17 through April 19, and again next semester to determine First Year Senators.

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