I Can InsideSMCM, and So Can You!

When InsideSMCM officially dropped last semester, I was among the many who complained about it. Almost everybody in the senior class was against it, and we were already mad at them so who cares? I heard a number of complaints and loved them all. It’s annoying to have to log in every time. It takes away the creativity we had with AllStudent emails. It’s buggy. Nobody reads it.

True, people aren’t reading it. It’s a problem. We can’t ignore that there have been a plethora of bugs and issues with it. But also, InsideSMCM is what we have. Ignoring its presence disconnects us from the community almost as much as not picking up a copy of The Point News. We are worried about a disconnect between the administration and students, yet we still refuse to read a forum that engages us with each other.

InsideSMCM has been updated quite a few times since it originally was released, and a lot of the bugs have been fixed. You don’t have to log in every time you open something anymore. We’re seeing less ancient announcements sitting in each day’s newsletter.

Mass AllStudent emails were not the greatest either, in fact, they were a trainwreck. A few times a day, you would get barraged with 10-ish disorganized emails from clubs, faculty, staff, etc. Practically every club email was the same format:

Do you like x?

Do you like y?

Do you like x AND y?

Are you looking for something to do on [day]?

COME TO [event]!


(I did this too, many times.) It wasn’t exactly creative. Now I can completely ignore SMCM Newsroom, my mortal enemy, and I don’t have to delete as many emails that I don’t care about.

I am known as someone who has 21,529 unread emails in my school account. I am not proud of this. But lnsideSMCM forces me to avoid my nasty habits. I’m down to like, less than a thousand unread emails per month now. This would be a lot less embarrassing if InsideSMCM existed four years ago.

The expectation was that people would get used to InsideSMCM really quickly and read it sometimes, and that expectation was wrong. But it’s irresponsible not to do our civic duty and read InsideSMCM at least a few times a week. There are things going on on campus that students wouldn’t know about if they weren’t keeping up with it.

InsideSMCM is not going away. It takes a few minutes to read every day, and I’m not even saying you have to read the whole thing twice a day. Please, just read it. If there’s anything this campus needs it’s communication, and that’s what InsideSMCM is all about.

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