“You” Blends Thriller Genre With Controversial Romance

Is there someone outside of your window? Or is it just you looking back in the reflection. This is the feeling you get when watching this new series. In the original Netflix series, “You,” a mysterious man named Joe (Penn Badgley) meets a young and beautiful girl named Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Beck is a writer, or at least wants to be one, and meets Joe at the book shop he works at. However, we soon find out that The shop is just a nice cover-up for what he really does.

Throughout the series, Joe becomes obsessed with Beck and attempts to cut anyone who he believes has done wrong to her out of her life. He goes through a lot to get the “girl of his dreams.” Joe did the same thing  to his previous girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers), but he never tells us, the audience, their backstory until later in the series.

Joe goes through girls’ apartments, takes their phones, undergarments and other things that fancy him. All the while, what these girls don’t know about, besides him entering into their houses without them knowing, is that he kills, literally, for love. At times, he follows them everywhere they go as well, and they don’t even know it. Through all of that twistedness of Joe being a killer,, the audience feels an urge to root for him. He shows kindness to others by taking care of the neighbor’s kid, and being nice to other people who he’s not obsessed with. Joe was starting to show his stalker side and Beck caught on to that. So, Beck decided to end the relationship with Joe, but they get back together.

This series is a suspense thriller, that keeps you awake at night so be warned. But it is a binge-worthy must-see. The show is a little scandalous, but it is mostly a thriller. The New York Times states, “The streaming service said that ‘You’ was on track to be watched by 40 million households within its first four weeks on the service.” Many more people have watched it since then. It keeps you on your toes, to see what creepy thing Joe, the bookstore clerk, will do next. This series was at first not popular at all, but once it was put on Netflix, everyone was dying to see it. There will be a season two that is coming out supposedly in the summer of 2019. So, for all of those who’ve watched it; don’t fret, Joe will be back at it again and with a new twist. So much happens through this first season and hopefully the next one is just as good.

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