Students Clash Online Over Lot Z Ticketing

On Friday, Feb. 8, resident students parked in the front section of Lot Z were ticketed by Public Safety (PS), causing an uproar on student Facebook groups. Students allege that rules for Lot Z have not been enforced until now, and that officers have previously explicitly told them that they can park in the front area.


An email sent by PS at the beginning of the academic year states that the front section of Lot Z is designated for faculty, staff, commuters, and visitors, while the rear section is designated for resident students with a Lot Z sticker.


Cheyenne Thornton, a resident student who made the original post on Overheard at SMCM, stated that she had moved from Lot T to Lot Z due to an injury, and that days before she found the ticket and a boot on her car, a PS Officer “pointed to a parking spot and told me I was allowed to park there,” in the space where she eventually received the ticket and boot. Thornton attempted to appeal the fee for two tickets and the boot, but her request was denied by the Dean of Students’ office.


Thornton posted on Overheard at SMCM, warning students to “be careful where you park.” Thornton’s post garnered much attention, and another resident student, Grace Harriman, posted on SMCM Blackmarket, stating that she had “ventured to PS to ask why we had received [the tickets],” and was told that the first four rows of Lot Z are reserved for non-residents. Harriman expressed concern that only the first two rows had been ticketed, stating that “if you’re going to enforce a rule at least do it right.”


The Facebook posts lead to a large amount of comments, with some students arguing that the rule “was made clear from the beginning,” citing the email sent by PS at the beginning of the year. Other students argued that “we were never notified that the rule was going to start being enforced again,” stating that they were posting to warn other Lot Z pass holders about the new rule.


Detailed parking information can be found on Public Safety’s website. Tickets can be appealed through the student portal.

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