Seahawks Over Winter Break

Like most college students, winter break allows students to press that reset button, reboot, and gear up for the spring semester! As college students, staying in pj’s, catching up on Netflix and eating your favorite home-cooked meals is one way to spend it. Let’s take a look at what our fellow Seahawks did over winter break as this piercingly cold and windy season ends.

Alexia Metzbower (‘22) went to Marco Island, Florida over break to celebrate New years and her mom’s birthday. Metzbower noted that “the weather was amazing, always in the 80’s.” Any day at the beach was her favorite time to catch some rays and spend time with her family, whether in the water or out collecting shells.” Metzbower said that her favorite memory was jet skiing, saying that “it was entertaining and my very first time. All in all, it was a trip to remember.”   

Over the break, Tyler Wilson (‘22) said that he “went from getting stuck on the side of a mountain in rural West Virginia to getting stuck in traffic near Miami, Florida.” This was only his second time skiing, and he was a bit shocked that they made it all the way to the top of the mountain. Wilson recalled that on his way to his grandparents house, on top of the mountain, his family started to realize that the roads were getting icey. Halfway up the mountain the car stopped, and with no cellular service, his dad had to walk up the mountain to get his grandparents, and pick up the rest of the family on the way down. Wilson remarked his lesson learned: “always use four wheel drive in West Virginia during the winter.”

Finally, Matt Swagart (‘22)  visited his Aunt in Chinle, a small town in the South West’s Navajo Nation. Swagart “doesn’t go to Arizona often,” so “this was a trip to remember.  While I was there, I gained a greater understanding of the Navajo culture, went sightseeing, and learned about how my Aunt, as a nurse practitioner in the Chinle hospital assists the Navajo people when in an emergency.” Matt learned of the Navajo reservation which was an “interesting experience and is grateful to see a new culture and new way of life.” One embarrassing moment was when he hydroplaned a car into snow and had to get people to help him back out….in his aunts car!  Swagart says he “will definitely be going to Arizona again.”


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