Local Starbucks Finds New Home

On Feb. 7 a new Starbucks was unveiled in the developing St. Mary’s Market Place, replacing the former location just a few blocks south. This new location, in addition to being more easily accessible from both directions of travel, features a drive-thru, a first for the only free-standing St. Mary’s County Starbucks.

This Starbucks sits at the end of its lot, providing considerable natural light from wall-to-wall windows on the western and southern ends. With the expanded floor space comes a variety of seating options for guests. There are several armchairs and tall stools available for customers settling in for a few hours of study, long-table style seating for groups and, notably, a bar-style seating area where the drinks and food sit when ready, for the customer that would rather not be bothered.

A new feature of this Starbucks is the nitro cold brew available on draft, giving the chain cafe a stylish, upscale aesthetic. Other than that, the drinks and snacks available are largely the same as one would find at any other Starbucks location, including the ever-popular seasonal frappuccinos and cake pops, though the supply has been increased with the larger space. The line to order is long and slow-moving, giving the customer plenty of time to consider every option. To offset this, once an order is made it moves along fast, and the baristas are courteous. They seem frazzled as they learn the new drive-thru system, which places baristas with headsets alongside other baristas, forcing them into double-duty. Hopefully, issues will be ironed out in time.

The California Starbucks location is currently the only open building in its strip, with some still under construction or up for lease. In the next strip over, a Panda Express has recently opened, also featuring a drive-thru system. The new Starbucks location, it is at 45000 St Andrews Church Suite F, California, MD 20619. On Weekdays it is open from 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., with slightly expanded hours for the weekend.

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