Close-Knit Club Gives Back to the Community Through Sales of Handiwork

St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) students take great pride in their involvement with the community. One of the lesser-known clubs here at SMCM is Knits for the Needy— a group of about ten students who come together every week to knit and crochet, to then sell their products to fellow students.

Knits for the Needy has been an active club at SMCM for over seven years, and was established as a place for students to learn a new craft and interact with fellow students who enjoy knitting and crocheting. Students may have come across their table set up outside of the Great Room, where the club members can be found selling some of their knitted products. These products vary from hats and scarves to adorable stuffed animals. Knitting works best for long and flat pieces, whereas crocheting works with a wide variety of items. Club members have the freedom to knit anything they want.

In the 2018 Fall semester, the club raised almost three hundred dollars in only a week of sales. After holding sales on campus, Knits for the Needy donates its proceeds to local charities. Some of the previous charities include ones which benefit animals, the environment and suicide prevention.

Carly Good (‘20) is the current President of SMCM’s chapter of Knits for the Needy. Good has been a member of the club for the past three years. She mentioned, “I have been knitting since I was about six when I asked my mom if she would teach me how to knit. I learned to crochet while at college by watching YouTube.”

Good also described the close-knit community of the club and the willingness of the members to teach aspiring knitters and crocheters. She remarked, “Anyone of any level of knitting or crochet experience can join. Someone can teach others how to knit or crochet,” indicating that with the help of the current members of the club, any SMCM students can join the club and learn a new craft.

Grace Morin (‘22) joined the club in the Fall of 2018 because she loves to knit and wanted to meet new people who also love to knit. “I wanted to set aside a time where I would only be knitting, because college is hectic and sometimes it takes away the luxury of doing simple pleasures.”

Aside from meeting new people who share a common love of knitting and crocheting, Knits for the Needy also provides SMCM students the opportunity to give back to their community through charity donations. These donations are all raised through a love of handiwork.

Knits for the Needy is a great way for SMCM students to become involved in the community, practice knitting or crocheting and meet new people on campus. Any SMCM student interested in knitting or crocheting should come down to Aldom Lounge on Saturdays at 4 p.m., or contact Carly Good for more information.

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