Wayne Hoffman’s Illusions Wow St. Mary’s Students

Illusionist and mentalist Wayne Hoffman performed in St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Glendening Annex on Nov. 16, 2018. He performed mind boggling stunts and tricks during a show that lasted for an hour and a half. Wayne Hoffman has been seen on the daytime talk show “Ellen,” “America’s Got Talent” and the network CNN, along with traveling around the world to perform his magic talents.

Hoffman began the show holding a black balloon with an unknown object inside it. He commanded the audience to pass it around and picked the audience member who was left holding the balloon when he said “stop” to be his participant for his first two acts. Sophomore Leah Jackson-Barreto was chosen. When asked where she would travel if granted an all expense paid trip, she said she would visit Puerto Rico. Hoffman then asked her to pick a room number in the hotel that she would possibly stay in while she was on her trip, and she picked the number 363. Amazingly, the words “Puerto Rico 363” were on a pink sticky note folded shut inside the black balloon.

For his next trick, he asked the same participant to open a book to two random pages and memorize the numbers without telling anyone. Once she was ready, he wrote 92-93, the correct page numbers, on a large poster board to display to the audience. Just to reinforce how correctly he predicted the participant’s numbers, he played a video that was recorded in the French Polynesia island of Bora Bora weeks before the show. Hoffman was seen in the middle of the water in a kayak, as he claimed that he felt numbers come to his mind spontaneously. Spectacularly, the mentalist predicted the correct page numbers of 92 and 93.

The most spectacular act of the night was when Hoffman asked two audience members who have known each other for a while to volunteer. These two participants were then blindfolded and the illusionist proceeded to establish a magical bond between them. After this, he would stroke one participant with a feather, and the other would feel the same amount of strokes in the same place. The most mystifying part of this trick was when he used a Sharpie marker to draw hearts on the arm of one participant. This time, the other participant did not feel it. But it was revealed that the hearts were on the participant that didn’t feel the marker at all, while the one that felt the marker strokes had skin clear of the drawing!

For his last trick, Hoffman asked us to imagine that he could turn back time. Throughout the show he drank a Coca-Cola from a can. After he finished the drink he crushed the can. With every time he twirled his finger in a circle around the can, he told us to imagine time going back by one minute. Magically, he un-dented the can and the lid of the can became sealed once more like it was never opened. With every swirl, the can filled up with more Coke right before our eyes. The audience could hear the swish of the soda in the can. The once-emptied Coke can was cool to the touch as he asked audience members in the first row to feel the can’s temperature. Once the can was full with the soda, the magician passed the can to audience members for them to taste it. Amazed shouts filled the audience as students exclaimed, “It’s cold!” and “That’s definitely Coke!”

If you would like to learn more about Wayne Hoffman, he wrote a book published in 2012 called “Mind Candy.” You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram @waynehoffman.

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