“Light As a Feather” Series Horrifies Audience

Didn’t get enough of spooky entertainment on Halloween? Horror/Thriller series “Light As A Feather” will satisfy your creepy tinglings. All 10 episodes of television series premiered on Hulu on Oct. 12, 2018.

The premise of the Hulu Original show is built around the childhood slumber party game of “light as a feather, stiff as a board” in which a group of individuals gather around one person and chant the aforementioned phrase while lifting the person up to imitate levitation. In the show, however, it has a terrifying twist.

Once the new girl Violet (Haley Ramm) is invited to Halloween tradition of a popular friend group, she convinces the teenage girls to play a game of “light as a feather, stiff as a board.” Except this time as Violet acts as the leader, she also predicts each girl’s death. In the following weeks, the girls begin dying off one by one, exactly the way that Violet predicted. The remaining friends must investigate these tragedies as they realize that Violet is not the innocent person that she seems to be.

This series is somewhat cheesy, I won’t lie. I’m not typically a major fan of horror series, but this one caught my attention. The first scene of the show displays a group of teenagers in a graveyard telling scary stories at nighttime. Although initially turned off by the basic approach to beginning a horror flick, I am glad I pushed on, seeing as the conflict intensified. The writing can be cliché at parts, the thrilling plot keeps the audience engaged.

There are some familiar actors in this series: Disney channel star Peyton List (“Jessie,” “Bunk’d”), Jordan Rodriguez (“The Fosters,” “Dance Academy”), and Liana Liberato (“If I Stay,” “Stuck In Love”). There are even repeated appearances of social media star Brent Rivera across the season.

Although built off of a somewhat childish premise, each episode leaves off with a cliffhanger that leaves the audience clicking the “Watch Now” button for the next episode. The plot doesn’t rely on gore and violence to push it along, but plays into psychological terror and thematic elements of a typical teenage drama series. It addresses current issues that pertain to some adolescents such as drug abuse and mental health disorders as the characters continue to mourn the losses of their dead friends.

There is a bit of disturbing imagery, as can be expected from a horror production. If you’re a person who gets uncomfortable at the sight of bugs or other creepy-crawlies, this may not be the best show for you.

Although there is no confirmation of a following season, I can honestly say that I would watch a second one if it was made. Although it has mixed reviews, there were enjoyable aspects of the show. The characterization of the protagonist was built well, making me want to know more about her dead twin sister. The way the season ended on a cliffhanger, I can imagine many possibilities of how the following episodes could unfold. Although this isn’t a show to take seriously and become highly invested in, it is something nice to watch if you want to relax and pass time.

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