Improv Club Teaches Audience How to Take a Break

On Friday Oct. 12, 2018 St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Improv Club put on a show in Cole Cinema about taking a break from your break, which was much needed. In the beginning of the show, the club wanted us, the audience, to write down themes on a sheet of paper and put them in a hat that they would perform later on. The show was based on sleepovers in onesies and playing comical games with your friends.

These improv shows are a great way to kick back and relax from all the stress of school. The games that got the most laughter, included a member from the group who would run outside of the room while each of the other group members were assigned a task from the audience. One member was given the assignment to be the most annoying person ever. Then, another member was given the task of trying to do a handstand. It was hilarious watching the group member who left trying to guess all of the tasks that were given to her friends. She eventually guessed them all and the audience had to clap when she guessed correctly. There were many other games that the audience enjoyed as well, which involved choosing people from the crowd.

Therefore they invited volunteers from the crowd to come join and act out the scenes alongside them. Almost everyone in the crowd raised their hands because they wanted to be with these club members.The volunteers also did a phenomenal job participating with the Improv Club. They put as much effort in the performance as the original actors did. One member of the Improv Club went out into the crowd and asked the first guy who raised his hand if he had a problem. He said jokingly to this member that he didn’t know how to tell his son that his goldfish died. Henceforth they acted out on the spot of what to do or say when a goldfish or any other animal passes away.  

The Improv Club acted out an intro to parenting class, which was based on a slideshow, and this made the actors on stage make wacky poses. The audience had to close their eyes while the actors made poses on the stage to give it more of an effect. After these poses were made the “teacher” had to describe what was going on. At one point, a volunteer was hugging a member and the “teacher” described this position perfectly. The final performance involved the hat themes which were requested in the beginning of the show. Each person from the Improv Club took a theme and performed it on the stage.It was a nice evening and all of the performers worked hard to make it a nice show overall.

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