Comedy in Cole Cinema: The Baltimore Improv Group

The students at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) have many opportunities to get involved with school outside of the classroom thanks to the SMCM Student Government Association Programs Board. Programs Board sponsors events on campus that range from social events, coffeehouses and Zorb racing. One of their more recent events occurred on Sept. 7, 2018 where the Baltimore Improv Group performed a two hour show for students at the Cole Cinema.

The improv comedy show was centered around connecting to ghosts and spirits through the students and the very generic, easy to assume information that the students gave to be used as the “plot” or “base line” for the improv comedy, having that information appear at different times in their comedy during the show. Additionally, somehow the Baltimore Improv Group managed to intertwine important themes for both first year students and upperclassmen into their show, such as managing your money wisely, going to class and being careful of “hook-up” culture on campus. This showed all of the comedian’s talent and dedication to their craft, along with their effortless ability to connect with any audience.

Speaking to The Point News, Harrison Bauman, ‘22, said “I thought it was really creative how the performers were able to elaborate on a silly and impractical idea to make both serious points and hilarious jokes.” For the entire two hours of the show, the audience was roaring in laugher, with many students cheering and clapping. If you looked close enough, you were even able to see some students with tears rolling down their cheeks from laughing so hard. This was only heightened with the comedians’ skills in audience interaction, and quite literally climbing through rows of students in chairs and shining flashlights along with fake candles in their face to get their point across.

Not only was this a memorable experience for the students in the audience, but also for SMCM’s very own improv group, Take One. The first half of the show was performed primarily by the professional comedians from the Baltimore Improv Group. During the second half though, they invited some SMCM students from Take One to come up and perform with them. This aided to the experience for the audience because this was exciting to witness along with how the Baltimore Improv Group also encouraged the students to lead the skits and to become active in the performance. One could feel the support and excitement that the professionals from the Baltimore Improv Group had for the students and that was a really special thing for the audience that night.

When asked about her experience at the comedy show Gretchen Young, ‘22, told The Point News, “I was impressed by the way both the Baltimore Improv group and the SMCM group, Take One, were able to play off of each other so well. The scenes were so applicable to real life, which had the audience laughing. I would definitely go again!”

If you missed this performance, programs board has many upcoming events, including more comedy shows. Check out their Instagram, @smcmprogramsboard to stay up to date with everything they have planned.


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