Big Mouth Returns for a Hilarious Second Season

The second season of “Big Mouth” premiered on Oct. 5, 2018. The Netflix cartoon provided another round of guilty-pleasure comedy, causing positive chatter throughout social media.

“Big Mouth” is a show highlighting pre-teens as their bodies transform during their tween years. It’s theme song is the fitting “Changes” by Charles Bradley, The show is original, since in American society puberty transformations are typically hush-hush as people tend to dismiss awkward instances of their childhood and never wish to discuss them again. But “Big Mouth” adds a certain comedic style that presents the topic in a way that viewers can’t help but enjoy.

“Big Mouth” has a star-studded cast, including the accomplished actors Nick Kroll, Jessi Klein and Jordan Peele playing the main characters. While its first season focused on physical transformations during puberty and newfound sexual thoughts, the second season expands on the major emotional changes of life, such as shame and depression, that occur through the normal processes of growing up.

New characters are added in season 2, sharing the spotlight with the infamous Hormone Monsters that dominated the first season. These mythical creatures act almost as a devil on one’s shoulder, putting thoughts in the adolescents minds as they go through the transformations of puberty. The Shame Wizard is a new character that takes the form of an old British man, and forces the teens to reevaluate their actions (much to their chagrin). The Depression Kitty makes an appearance, which allows viewers to recognize the importance of getting help whenever suffering from a mental health crisis.

“Big Mouth” can be seen as controversial because of how the show portrays young teenagers exploring their newfound sexuality (and the fact that it is filled with foul language). It enters the sensitive content realm of other adult cartoons such as “South Park” and “The Boondocks.” Despite its vulgarity, the series has received positive reviews, with watchers already hoping for a new season. It is a quick watch, with many of the episodes ending in cliffhangers, making the viewer want to click to the next 25-minute video.

This show is entertaining for young adults to watch as they reminisce their clueless days of going through puberty not so long ago. The show mentions the relatable instances of getting one’s first period and growing a mustache. Although the mature content in the show isn’t suitable for the tweens that the characters resemble, it appeals to an audience of college-aged students like those at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. “Big Mouth” has received an 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a major accomplishment.

While there is no official word that “Big Mouth” will return for a third season, viewers and critics alike are hopeful. If you can’t wait and want more adult cartoons, Netflix has five seasons of “Bojack Horseman” which follows a washed up actor as he tries to stay relevant in an ever-changing Hollywood. The video streaming site also recently released a season of the outlandish “Paradise PD” which has gained popularity on social media for its parodies of 911 calls. These two shows should satisfy “Big Mouth” viewers until its potential return for a third season.

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