Caroline Hall Gets Long-Awaited Furniture Overhaul

It is unknown how old some of Caroline Hall’s furniture was, but as of this summer all of the rooms of Caroline Hall were refreshed with brand new furniture. The Office of Residence Life (ORL) and facilities staff have been working on this project for two years, picking back up a cyclical process of replacing furniture in the residences.

Due to the long process of ordering and supplying furniture and a lack of funds, Residence Life was unable to get the furniture in until this summer. “The year we started the process, there wasn’t enough money for that upcoming year, and the lead time takes about 6-8 months to actually place our order and get it all here,” Derek Young, Executive Director of Student Life, told The Point News, “we had to wait until this past summer to actually get it in.”

The new furniture is visually similar to the old furniture, with a few exceptions. The dresser drawers no longer have to be opened from the bottom, but have a cut to open from the top, and the desk hutches are a bit taller.

This year’s project costed a total of $293,802, and ORL hopes to continue the cycle by refreshing Prince George Hall and a few Townhouses in the next few years. “And then all of the residences’ furniture will at least be from this century,” Young told The Point News. After that, Young hopes to get furniture replacement back on a regular schedule so the College can plan ahead for any replacements.

“Residents are really loving the new furniture,” Katherine Collins, ‘20, a Resident Assistant for Caroline Hall told The Point News, “room condition reports have been really easy this year.”

In addition to room furniture, Caroline Hall and Queen Anne Hall had their lobbies refreshed during the Spring semester, with new carpets and blinds to make the lobby more welcoming. Queen Anne Hall also saw the addition of a chandelier to it’s lobby.

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