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Preview of Bottom County Festival (April 21)

On Saturday, April 21 from noon to 5 p.m. St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) students will make their way from campus to the conveniently located Chancellors Point for this year’s Bottom County Festival. This year the festival is being organized mainly by Mia Thuro, ‘18, in collaboration with Jack Bowersox and Kelsey Joyce.

Chancellors Point Natural History Area is a park located two miles from campus and most people carpool with friends. There will be parking available.

Since the 1970s, the festival has been a mostly annual event organized by SMCM students. The festival features student bands and art, complete with vendors selling artwork, crafts and clothing, food trucks and water activities. It will be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday and the organizers hope to see everyone there having fun.

Thus far, two food trucks are confirmed: The Jamaican Grill and I’se Da Bye. Water activities will include hanging out by the beach, kayaks, sailboats and paddleboards.


The band lineup is as follows:

Makeup Girl

Baughman Dynasty

The Vibesmen


Same Cooper and the Sleepwalkers

Our Favorite Spot

The Sick Boyz

Semi Hollow

Foggy May

Bowersox said he was most excited for “the fantastic lineup of bands this year,” noting that “it’s a pretty musically diverse group, so there is something for everyone.” He also mentioned how fun last year’s Bottom County Festival was, recalling a fond memory of sitting by the water with friends and listening to Bob Dylan

People are invited to table, as long as they are independent sellers selling their own creations. Most tables will feature goods made by SMCM students. Tabling is free of cost, just go to the Facebook page for the event, Bottom County Festival 2018!!!! [sic], and let Mia Thuro or Kelsey Joyce know you would like to table.

If all of these exciting things are not enough to get you there, will the possibility of a free T-shirt work? Arrive on time, and enter the T-shirt raffle. The t-shirts are white with a rainbow across the front and lettering that reads ‘Bottom County Festival 2018.’ Stickers will be available as well.

Thuro noted that her favorite moments of previous Bottom County Festivals included listening to her brother’s and friends’ band Seneca. She also enjoyed seeing how much fun everyone was having. Last year, she assisted Nina Katz in organizing the festival, and took over this year.

Bottom County Festival is an example of what makes SMCM so incredible, and I personally recommend everyone come out and have a wonderful day filled with good food, great music and awesome people. Keep checking the Bottom County Festival Facebook page for updates.

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