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Three SMCM Trustees Absent, In-Person and Online

Three members of the St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) Board of Trustees appear to have left their positions. As the College faces an enrollment crisis, these members will have to be replaced in order to make integral decisions affecting SMCM’s future.

According to accounts of those familiar with the membership of the Board, as well as cross-referencing this information with an online archive device, it appears that three trustees are no longer members of the board.

Of the three Trustees, two had previously been listed online, while the other profile’s status is now unattainable. Rear Admiral Tim Heely of the United State’s Navy and Katharine Russell were listed online as members of the Board of Trustees at smcm.edu. An archived version of Heely’s profile can be found using The Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” dated Feb. 3, 2016. Russell’s archived profile is from June 29, 2016. Neither Heely nor Russell appear on the website as of Feb. 4, 2018.

Bonnie Glick was announced as a member of the Board in 2017, alongside three other individuals according to an SMCM announcement. As of Jan. 31, 2018, Glick’s profile is not listed on the website; however, the three other board members also announced are featured online currently.

Russell, who was marked as present in the Board meeting minutes from Oct. 22, was not listed as present in the Dec. 22 meeting. However, in both of those meetings, the committee which Russell is a part of — The Finance, Investment and Audit Committee — met.

The list invitees to most recent Board meeting was shown to The Point News; neither Heely, Russell, nor Glick had a recognizable email address on the list.

The Point News was also told that none of these individuals were in attendance at that Board meeting.

The SMCM bylaws state that there should be 23 members of the board, all of whom are appointed by the State of Maryland via the governor with the consent of the state Senate. In addition to those 23 members, the bylaws state that there shall be a student trustee, and “two ex-officio, voting Trustees” that include the president of the Alumni Association of St. Mary’s College of Maryland and the the chair of Historic St. Mary’s City Commission.

Per those bylaws, Trustees may “each have a renewable term of six years with a maximum of two full consecutive terms or twelve years.” Heely was appointed in 2011. At this time The Point News can neither confirm nor deny whether or not Heely seeked to renew his term. Since Glick was appointed in 2017 her term apparently ended early, it would have been set to expire in 2022.

If Heely, Glick, and Russell did leave early, per the bylaws, they will need to be replaced.

As the College faces an enrollment crisis (see Honors College 2.0 article), the Board will be charged with making many decisions which may impact the future of this institution. Any new member of the Board may play a critical role in shaping how the College responds to this adversity.

Heely, according to his archived profile, is a local St. Mary’s County resident. Heely is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving for 33 years. According to the 2016 profile, he works for a defense contractor, and is a regular attendee at the River Concert Series. The Vanilla Aircraft LLC currently list’s Heely as their CEO.

Russell is the president of RWWRA publishing. She is a retired biotechnology industry executive and a writer. Russell is the niece of SMCM’s former president, May Russell, whom the Russell Alumni Lounge is named for. According to the 2017 profile, she resides in both Palm Desert, CA and Baltimore, MD.

Glick, according to her Linkedin page, is currently the deputy secretary of the Maryland Department of Aging. In 2017, when SMCM announced her as a Trustee, she was working in DC.

The circumstances of these board members apparent absence is currently unknown. However, The Point News, in the interest of informing the community, promises to publish information as it is found.

If you have any information which you wish to share with The Point News please email Scott (editorinchief@thepointnews.com) or Rebecca (managingeditor@thepointnews.com).

Russell declined to our request for comment. Glick and Heely could not be reached prior to publication. They were both emailed; please see the online edition of this piece as it may change if additional comments are given.

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