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Harris Teeter comes to St. Mary’s County, a Review

A new attraction opened their doors in town on Tuesday, Jan, 23. A brand new Harris Teeter opened in California, MD. If you have never been to a Harris Teeter before, it’s a kind of like a Whole Foods or Wegmans that is open 24/7.

Many features of the new store are like other grocery stores in the area. There is a pharmacy,  seafood market, deli, bakery, floral service and produce area. Harris Teeter is unique to the East Coast, and this is the first store the company is opening in Southern Maryland.

The supermarket has prices similar to Giant and Safeway, but they advertise having  more options than their competitors, including an abundance of organic and specialty food options, such as large sections of non-dairy alternatives, a gluten-free isle and vegetarian and vegan meat style products, along with the typical products you can find in a grocery store, Harris Teeter has an abundance of special features and departments. The store has a salad bar, sushi stand, olive bar,  sub-shop and “sandwich program” where there are made-to-order sandwiches, a pizza station, a hot food bar, separate hot Asian food and wing bars, and a trail mix bar.

Last week I went to Harris Teeter to see if it was worth the hype, and it was. The trail mix bar was a personal highlight. Some other features of the store that haven’t been advertised are the peanut butter station, where you can choose whether you want peanut, cashew, or almond butter, and the spread is made right there.

The opening of Harris Teeter is exciting to me personally because it makes the area feel bigger than it is. This is the first supermarket of this type to my knowledge in St. Mary’s County. It offers a huge selection of specialty food options for everyone. The store provides student discounts to college students, but the discount at the St. Mary’s store has not been specified. Harris Teeter can be found in the new St. Mary’s Marketplace on St. Andrews Church Road and is open 24 hours.

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