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SMCM Student Yearbook Club Revived

At the end of last semester, Dan Belson, ‘19, and Rose Glenn, ‘19, sat flipping through old copies of St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) yearbooks in the library. The Dove, SMCM’s student-run yearbook, has been out of print since 2013 until now.

Belson, a junior at SMCM, decided to bring The Dove back, and enlisted Glenn and Brooke Lamplough, ‘19, to help. Together, they started Yearbook Club to bring back The Dove. Now, the book will be published online, and students may choose to order a physical copy.

Belson and Glenn reached out to Lamplough, a student photographer at the Office of Integrated Marketing, offering her the position of yearbook co-president.

Lamplough is a self-professed “YERD” (yearbook nerd), and has a long history working with school publications. I have loved yearbook since elementary school where we had to make layouts by hand on paper. I was [the] photo editor on my yearbook staff in high school. I designed the first hand-painted cover for Chesapeake High School.”

Lamplough stressed the importance of reviving The Dove, saying, “I want there to be yearbook and grow our staff because it will bestow upon us so many opportunities. It gives us a chance to be heard in a historical document and to be seen and realized. I want to document people’s stories in some form in the yearbook, because every person’s story matters. Knowing the stories of college is something that we will look back years from now and cherish. The yearbook is not about me, nor our staff, it is about giving the student body a voice to have their memories documented.”

Glenn says the yearbook will cover not only major events like Hawktoberfest and Gala, but also aims to spotlight “different clubs and the events they put on, sports teams, highlight different staff members and other things like that,” adding that “we are open to suggestions, so if there is anything somebody wants to cover or have us cover, we are willing to do so.”

The Yearbook Club needs help to create the next edition of The Dove. Glenn says they are looking for “photographers, writers, and editors. It would be great even if students wanted to give ideas or share past experiences.”

The executive board of The Dove wants to do more than just create a yearbook it hopes to create a place where photographers, artists and journalists can come together and flourish, as well as “look at each other’s work and give critique, but also help find opportunities for each other to grow our talents. One day we want to establish connections with other college’s yearbook staff and possibly attend conferences on photography or journalism,” according to Lamplough.

If you are interested in getting involved with the making of The Dove, Yearbook Club meets on Thursdays at 9pm, in Montgomery Fine Arts Hall room 045B.

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