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Men’s Soccer Season Recap

The St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM)  men’s soccer team has had a terrific season. Placing second in the Capital Athletics Conference (CAC) standings with an overall record of 7-2, the team is now hoping to win the CAC tournament.

Head coach Alun Oliver believes the season has gone well so far, believed the boys did well in the preseason working on the fitness and team chemistry for conference play and had some good competition that gave them some confidence. The team has seven first year students and two transfers, and Oliver believes all nine of the new players have fit in well and all have contributed whether starting a game or off the bench and all of them were ready mentally and physically for the demands of college soccer. He also believes it’s a real testament to the returners making them feel welcome and to make them feel part of the team. He feels the best part about these guys is their attitude “their attitude is absolutely fantastic they are all willing to do whatever it takes for the team, there is no egos around the team, they work hard to improve themselves and improve everybody else, which is great.” Oliver believes that the team has the quality to win cacs though they know it’s going to be some tough competition, but he believes them to be among the top group with regards to the CAC.

Junior Captain Juwan Kearson has believes that the season has gone well; he likes the overall family oriented feel of the soccer team, and makes soccer his getaway. He says one of the goals of the team tries to do is keep their head in the game and keep things positive. One of his emphases as a captain off the field is time management and like to check on the players to see if everything is alright, and as an athlete believes that the team is strong and has a good bunch of good younger players that they will allow the team to be good in the future. Along with Oliver, Kearson believes that probably the biggest win of the season was against Washington since it put them in a good position getting a second-round bye going into the playoffs.

Freshman striker Isaac Eboko also stated that he has adapted well to the soccer team. Eboko who scored the game winning 1-0 goal with three minutes left against Washington College, told me that what he really likes about the team is its chemistry and how it’s like family to him, and that if someone is feeling sick or down they will take care of them and will look out for each other. Eboko also mentioned how the main reason for coming to St. Mary’s was his meeting Oliver and realizing how open and supporting the coach was. Eboko hadn’t heard of SMCM before, but felt like he had to come here after the first interaction with his now-coach.  His favorite part about being on the team is contributing and scoring goals as a striker and believes they can take on CACs next week.

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