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Club Spotlight: SMCM Improv Group Take One!

Take One! Improv is a performance club at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM) that focuses on improvisational skills, learning to be quick on your feet and taking a risk at making jokes that may or may not be funny in front of a crowd.

The Point News met with the president of Take One! Improv, Asher Jones, ‘18, to discuss how he felt the group has gone so far this semester. Jones was excited about what has come out of the group so far and eager to see where the year is going.

“I think we’re doing really well. I’m happy with shows that we [have] had. The first shows of the semester are always difficult, but I think we’ve been having a pretty good turn out … We have a couple new people to the club that are really talented, and [we are] excited for that.”

Jones sees Take One! Improv as not only a club to learn certain skills, but also a place where students can unwind. He wants others to feel welcome and to gain something from the group, whether it be a moment to relax or to gain a base level of improv performance skills.

When asked what he thought people benefited from in coming to Take One! Improv a few times or sticking with the group, he commented, “I think that even if you come a few times, it gives you a good lesson: that it’s not bad to fail.”

It is clear that the group is one of acceptance, teaching and helping to build others up, especially in the eyes of Briana Jahromi, ‘21. As a first-year going into improv, Jahromi said “Joining the group has given me a nice group of friends … It also helps my confidence, since I have people laughing at my jokes and telling me I’ve done a good [sic].”

Along with the several shows that are being planned out during the semester, including the Halloween show that took place on Oct. 28, Take One! Improv is putting their skills to the test in a regional tournament.  The group will head to D.C. for a collegiate regional tournament at the end of the semester.

While the competition may be tough, Jones has hope that the group will move on and be able to compete in the national competition in Chicago. The group is also planning to take another trip to D.C. later on in the year to watch the FIST competition of the professional improv teams that will be competing.

Take One! Improv is also open to helping other clubs and organizations on campus with basic improv skills for any events that they have coming up.

With the semester halfway over, the members of Take One! Improv who spoke to The Point News feel great about how things are going so far and want to continue to make their performances great for themselves and for the people who come to watch them.

Take One! Improv is always open for new people to join. It meets Sundays 6-8 p.m. and Wednesdays 8:30-10:30 pm in Aldom Lounge. Their performances are held in Cole Cinema.

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