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To the Victor Go the Spoils: Trump’s Cabinet Selections

With the 2016 election in America’s rearview mirror, President-elect Donald Trump is now tasked with choosing his Cabinet. As of November 30, President-elect Trump has formally nominated seven individuals to his Cabinet. The array ranges from a tycoon of the steel and coal industry to a former member of the George W. Bush Cabinet.

For the position of Attorney General President-elect Trump has chosen Jeff Sessions, a former Senator of Alabama. Sessions was previously on the Senate Subcommittee for Immigration and aided the Trump campaign in crafting an immigration plan that severely cracks down on illegal immigration to the United States. Sessions will most likely receive strong support from Republican colleagues during his nomination hearing but will be opposed by congressional democrats that have deemed past remarks in regards to race as “insensitive”.

Wilbur Ross has been nominated for Secretary of Commerce. The billionaire has ties to President-elect Trump dating back to the 90s when Ross persuaded investors from edging Trump out of a series of casino investments. A notable stain on Ross’s business record is the death of twelve miners in the State of West Virginia. Ross admits to having knowledge of questionable safety protocols, but nonetheless sent his employees into a situation he believed was safe.

The post of Secretary of Health and Human Services has been offered to Tom Price, a six-term congressman from Georgia who has been a staunch opponent of the Affordable Care Act proposing an alternative that would offer tax credits to purchase insurance on the basis of age.

Betsy DeVos, a billionaire native of Michigan, has been offered the office of the Secretary of Education. DeVos is a strong supporter of school vouchers and endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the Presidency.

Elaine Chao was nominated to head the Department of Transportation. A member of the Cabinet of former President Bush, Chao became the first Asian-American woman to hold a Cabinet position.

President-elect Trump has chosen Steve Mnuchin to head the Department of the Treasury. Mnuchin followed a distinguished career at Goldman-Sachs with stints in Hollywood as a financer of well-known movies including American Sniper. Even though he remained behind the scenes for the duration of the campaign season, Mnuchin nonetheless was the expected choice for this position.

Although not a cabinet position, the Ambassador to the United Nations is a high profile position that was offered to Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Haley, an outspoken dissenter of the Trump campaign, finally endorsed Trump at the Republican National Convention. Candidates for the remaining posts include Ben Carson, Mitt Romney, and Sarah Palin.

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