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What Does a Trump Presidency Mean to Me

Yesterday in class my professor asked us to sit down and write out what a Trump presidency means to use personally, and how we feel about this election; here are my thoughts.

For me, a Trump presidency means despair, but also passion to fight back. I never found America to be all that amazingly great, but with the election of Donald Trump, I see just how low we have gone. Personally, a Trump presidency means that so much I have taken for granted in life, and actually like about America, can and very possibly will change. Things like health insurance, coverage for birth control, and the right to abortion should I as a woman choose. It has also shown me that so much of the American population is totally okay with electing a blatant misogynistic, racist, xenophobic idiot, with zero experience with the political system.

I was hopeful for the next president to look at things like the Hyde amendment, the wage gap, the issue of income equality-not only across gender but also race. Also, address climate change, instead of claiming it does not exist. They should recognize that LGBTQ people need their rights protected and that they are meant to be whatever sexuality or gender they are. Fight for  Citizens United to be overturned. Furthermore, work to break down the issues of obtaining an abortion in certain states, and see that Muslims and Syrian refugees are not just a bunch of terrorists waiting to infiltrate America.

I am afraid that the years and years spent on becoming a more progressive society as a whole will be for nothing. I am afraid that so much that women’s rights groups have fought for will be torn down. I am afraid the progress which race equality advocates have worked towards will not only be dismantled, but decreased in any sense possible. I am afraid that all the work we have done to become a better, more accepting, more equal society will be thrown out the window during a Trump presidency.

I am beyond angry at the blatant fear-mongering politics used throughout the Trump campaign. Muslims, to him, are walking terrorists, and he has called for a complete shutdown on them entering the U.S; and that Syrian Refugees hide terrorists among their numbers, who come wanting to hurt Americans. He has called the people rioting in Baltimore thugs, reinforcing racist stereotypes. He has said, “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people…”, regarding Mexican immigrants. He has said that global warming is a hoax that was created by the Chinese in order to make U.S manufacturing non-competitive. He has said that John McCain was not a war hero, because he was captured, and “I like people who weren’t captured.” He has insulted and degraded women so many times that in order to make an exhaustive list, I would need to write an entire book.

For me personally, a Trump presidency means that America has spoken loudly and clearly that social issues do not matter to them, that my rights as a woman do not matter, that sexual assault can be normalized and laughed off, that LGBTQ people do not deserve protections under law and do not matter, that my Muslim friends will be subject to more blatant Islamophobia, that my African American friends can be subject to racism under this administration, and that most of all they believe the lies that have been spread by this demagogue.

I wanted a real president, one with tact, compassion, human decency, and more; and let me assure you that person is not he. The next four years of my life will be spent fighting for my rights, as so many before me have done, and the rights of others who may have less privilege than myself. The fight does not stop here, in fact, it is only the beginning.

Donald Trump may be our president, but he will never be my president.

-Beatrice Burroughs

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