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Latinos Unite and Vote in Record Numbers

This election was personal for many voters throughout the nation, and for Hispanic voters, this was an election that defined their future. One week of deliberation after the election, we can finally see how Latinos voted.

It was first thought that Latinos gave Donald Trump up to 29% of the Hispanic vote, an increase of 2% from the previous election. This has now been proven wrong. Latinos overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton with 79% of their votes. Trump only received 18%. Voter turnout for Latinos also increased by up to 3 million votes.

The increase in turnout did not affect the final decision though. Donald Trump won, and Latinos are now scared. His anti-Mexican, anti-immigration rhetoric for the past year and a half has motivated Latinos to vote and stand up for their rights, but now all they can do is keep voting. Are they discouraged? Of course. Are they defeated? “Absolutamente no”…absolutely not.

Latinos have been fighting hard for immigrant rights since 2005, they now feel like they are in more danger than they have ever been. But they fight, and they unite. Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans have always been divided within this country. But now, they will be more united than ever. You will hear their voices for the next four years about the injustices that will occur as a result of this election.

-Julian Alcazar

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