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Anonymous Letter

The Point News,

I have spent my whole life a classical liberal. I’ve been a hardcore leftist that did not vote for Obama because I saw him as too far right, and I’ve also been a hardcore leftist who was ecstatic for Bernie Sanders. For the first time in my life I could vote for a candidate whose beliefs aligned with mine almost completely. Filling out that Democratic primary ballot couldn’t have felt better.

However, things changed when we all discovered irrefutable proof that the Democratic National Committee conspired against Bernie in order to put establishment Hillary on top – but this was actually the final straw. There have been so many issues that left me feeling conflicted up to that point.

The most troubling issue, being someone who has always worked for education in some form or another, is the recent trend of politically partisan education that presents only one specific narrative to influential students and censors any other opinions and facts. Narratives such as “Black people are the victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything” are particularly manipulative and along with being dishonest (particularly when it comes to the narrative of police brutality against blacks specifically). Colleges and universities are pushing these narratives in order to promote outrage culture, conflict, and divisiveness.

Using these or other data that shows that black people murder more black people and murder all other races in extremely disproportional amounts is looked down upon. Contesting the current narrative of relentless White racism is grounds enough to get you fired or expelled from many universities and colleges.

The current trend in higher education is to hold a steady stream of one-sided conferences and events to discuss this narrative, however these conferences and events are not particularly productive. Students, faculty, and staff leave with the smug satisfaction that their virtue signaling could possibly have actually changed anything. They post on blogs and social media, parroting what their professors told them, and nothing changes.

Black poverty and crime is still as out of proportion as ever despite these dialogues and despite the fact that we have had liberal leadership under a black president for years.

Someone might respond to you, “you know, all of the black violence is all because of white people doing _____”. This is a common tactic favored by the intellectually dishonest – placing the blame on anyone else but yourself. People shut you down with this tactic because they are bigoted against black people. People spreading this narrative feel that black people cannot take responsibility for their situations and cannot make better choices for themselves and their families and that, instead, White people should hold them by the hands and take care of them. This is the mindset of an Owner/Pet relationship and is a result of the bigotry of low expectations. We are better than that.

We cannot continue alienating our majority white county and country with dishonest marketing about our college demographics and we cannot continue teaching white (and male, and straight) guilt to our students.

We cannot continue working in an atmosphere where intellectual diversity is shut down and faculty and staff are forced to either be a parrot or be a mute.

We cannot continue working in an environment that prioritizes the colors of one’s skin over their character and skillset.

We cannot continue this spiral of regressive, racist, and sexist rhetoric.

We cannot continue banning the free speech of those who do not conform the the mainstream campus narrative.

We cannot forever go on being shamed for the color of our skin.

We cannot allow us to sink into fascism, word-policing, and thought-policing.

We will encourage the American and Western values that created this wonderful and diverse country to once again have a strong, unified community and country!

– Anon

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