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News in Brief: Meet the New and Improved Freestore

The Office of Sustainability program known as the Freestore has been revamped this semester. The program provides students with the ability to get a range of clothing, shoes, and other small items for free, because its items come solely from the donations of faculty and students. One of the Freestore’s most valuable resources is its ability to provide professional clothing to students for job interviews or other events that would require them to dress up. Professional clothing is often too expensive for students to buy themselves, so the Freestore is able to provide a no cost option to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

The Freestore is staffed by student volunteers. After visiting the Freestore, I interviewed Mitchell Beverage, a first year that volunteers for the program. I asked him what he liked most about the Freestore, and how people can help if they do not have anything to donate. Beverage stated that the Freestore is a good resource because it keeps clothes from going to waste and puts them into the hands of those that need them. He also said the people can help simply by spreading the word about the Freestore, or even volunteering their time. Beverage states that people shouldn’t hesitate to donate, but should be aware that you do not have to donate something in order to take items from the Freestore.

You can get involved with the Freestore or donate by contacting the Sustainability Fellow, at sustainability@smcm.edu, or by going to Freestore located next to the Dorchester laundry room Tuesday through Friday.

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