News-in-Brief: Student Misconduct at Natty Boh Hunt

Sunday, April 4th marked the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Natty Boh Hunt, an Easter celebration dedicated to the collection of colorfully painted cans of National Bohemian hidden by the college’s senior class. However, the evening festivities resulted in several instances of student misconduct reported the next day, and visible around campus.

Graffiti had been spray painted on several buildings and other locations, notably Goodpaster Hall and the Bell Tower. In addition, a student is reported to have been yelling anti-Semetic remarks in a public place, though where this incident took place or what the nature of the comments has not been verified, and we have been unable to locate students who witnessed this.

On Sunday, Student Trustee Taylor Schafer addressed the misconduct in an all student email on the importance observing campus traditions in a respectful way “The St. Mary’s campus is our home” urged Shafer in the email, “please treat it with respect. Many students, mainly seniors, who have participated in the Natty Boh Hunt for several years were very disappointed to see the damage done to our campus last night. We would like to see this tradition continue on for years to come so that future St. Mary’s students can be a part of such a unique ritual, too.”

The following day, President Tuajuanda Jordan also sent out an all student email, entitled “We are Losing Our Way”. In this email, Dr. Jordan made reference to the incidents of racially charged yik yak posts that occurred on campus in December of 2014, and discussed how these events and the Natty Boh misconduct link into a growing pattern of behavior from the student body that poorly reflects values the school community prides itself on. She emphasized that in the aftermath, going forward students must work together to squelch these instances of bad behavior when they appeared. When asked for comment, Dr. Jordan stated “I am extremely disappointed in the students’ behavior. I cannot believe that someone thought it would be a good idea to deface College property. The fact that, in addition to the trees, the bell tower, one of the seven wonders of St. Mary’s College that was erected to commemorate the loss of members from our community, makes the act even more heinous.”

The email from the president said the incidents are under investigation at this time. Public Safety could not be reached for comment about the progress of the investigation, or whether any disciplinary action had been taken.

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