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Students Win In Basketball Against Faculty 52-50

On Friday, March 5, seniors Jasmine Jones and Brian Lewis hosted a student vs. faculty/staff “Hoops Against Hunger” basketball game to raise money and collect food for the Southern Maryland food bank. The student team won in what became a close game ending in overtime 52-50.

Brian Lewis explained why they decided to run the event, saying, “We’re doing this as part of the Nitze Scholars Program. We have to do a leadership project before we graduate, and we decided to do a students vs. faculty basketball game to benefit the Southern Maryland food bank.”

Students dominated the first half, ending with a score of 26-10. Senior Andrew Reighart enjoyed the informality of the game, saying, “I really enjoyed the musical aspect.” Jones continually played music throughout the game, and the Drum Core played at halftime.

When describing why he came to the game, Reighart responded, “I came to support Jasmine and Brian because they are both in my Nitze cohort.” During halftime Jones also announced the winner of the raffles. At the beginning of the game, students could buy raffle tickets to earn one of three prizes, a $50 gift certificate to Sake, a $40 gift certificate to Bollywood Masala, and a $30 gift certificate to Thai Inter.

Senior Joanna Purich came at the request of one of her professors. “Professor Alex Meadows made me come to this,” she said. “In class, he told us how nervous he was, but we told him to break a leg!”

In the second half, the faculty/staff team caught up. With less than 20 seconds on the clock, the score was tied 46-46. The two-minute overtime was just as close, with the score tied 50-50 in the last 30 seconds. The students made the last shot, winning 52-50.

At the end of the game the student, faculty, and staff players seemed really happy with the results. When asked if he would participate again, Professor of Mathematics Alex Meadows said, “definitely, totally, 100% probability.” Senior Dennis Steiger also responded saying, “Any organized game of basketball, I’ll take part in.”

Although Lewis said, “We don’t have any plans to make it a long term thing.” Lewis and Jones both thought it would be fun for the event to continue into the future. It’s a lot of fun for the participants, and it is for a good cause…I guess people could continue it next year if they wanted to.” She later said, “If it continues next year then maybe more people will come, we probably could have done a better job of getting the word out, but if it continues then maybe more and more people will become interested.”

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