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Spring Athletics Gear Up for 2013

Written By Jake Williams

As the days get warmer here at St. Mary’s, signs of Spring athletics begin to appear all over the
campus. On nearly every quad and field you can see enthusiastic students kicking soccer balls, playing
field hockey, or tossing Frisbees. Men and women run and jog around the track and each day more people are carrying lacrosse sticks over their shoulders. SMCM students are both self-motivated and active, and this combination has created a wide variety of sporting opportunities on campus. There is an array of options with club sports ranging from fencing to rugby.

Our varsity teams are getting ready as well. Despite being a “small” college, many of our teams have distinguished themselves as forces to be reckoned with in a number of inter-collegiate events. Now our teams are training to do even better than they have in the past. “I give our guys a lot of credit,” said Lewis Jenkins, Head Coach of the baseball team. Despite the difficulties of a late start in training, Coach Jenkins is optimistic about this year’s team. “We’ve got four catchers this year, which is great, as well as five left-handed hitters which will give us an advantage.” All together, Coach Jenkins said there are ten new, incoming players. When asked what his goal for the upcoming season was, Coach Jenkins said with a smile, “I’d like to win more games.”184957_1780458865106_2438401_n

Given our location, it is no surprise that water sports are a big deal at SMCM, especially sailing.
“Last year we were one race away from the National Championships [the college sailing championship competition]
in team racing,” said Adam Werblow, Head Coach of sailing. “Out of 53 competing schools, only three
go to the National Championship. This year we want to be in that top three.” Director of Sailing Bill Ward agrees that this year looks particularly good for SMCM sailing. Coach Ward said, “This year we have an even number of upper and lower classmen. Our teams are more experienced than in the past.”

Both coaches are excited about the new opportunities of this season. “The great thing about St.
Mary’s,” said Coach Werblow, “is that there are so many things that are available for the whole school to
use and do. Everyone can be involved when it comes to the water.”

SMCM sporting events are certainly not limited to the above mentioned. The first women’s
tennis game is Feb. 24/Men’s Feb. 17. The first baseball game is Feb. 9. Women’s lacrosse
Feb. 20/Men’s Feb. 17. For more details and full schedules visit the St. Mary’s athletics site.

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