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Jackson to replace Botzman

On July 1, Associate Vice President for Planning and Facilities Charles “Chip” Jackson will take over as Vice President for Business and Finance.

Jackson will replace the current Vice President for Business and Finance, Tom Botzman, as he will move on to become the President of Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania after serving theCollege for nine years. Jackson will make the transition while continuing his 26-year service to the College.

“President Urgo talked to me last fall and asked me if I would be interested in [the position]. And over this past winter break we talked again and then he made the appointment,” Jackson said.

“I’m really honored that [Urgo] has the confidence in me to do this job. I owe a lot to Tom Botzman. He’s mentored me for nine years in this job,” he said. “He’s brought so much to the College, and those are tough shoes to fill.” Jackson also mentioned that the job will add much more responsibility on him, something he is looking forward to.


Jackson’s current responsibilities have included leading many construction and design efforts on campus and the Campus Master Plan. Other involvements have included his work in food service planning, student housing expansion, the implementation of The Pub, the annual Governor’s Cup, and the River Concert Series.

When he takes over his new position in July, his responsibilities will shift to overseeing the Office of Information Technology (IT), government relations, human resources, and business affairs. According to Jackson, he already has some experience in his new responsibilities. “I support Tom and Joe already on the Capital budget issues related to the College, and I already have experience in doing government relations work. I’m happy to take a larger role in that effort.” he said.


Jackson mentioned that he has already started his transition into the position as well, an added perk of hiring a current employee of the College. “I’ve begun t

o attend the President’s cabinet meetings, and I’m getting more engaged in a number of issues  in the business and finance world,” he said.

Another thing Jackson said he’s looking forward to includes further community interaction. “I have greatly valued over the years the collaborative effort of students, faculty, and staff on this campus and I look forward to further engaging in that collaborative effort,” he said.

As of right now, the search for Jackson’s replacement is underway although it is unclear who it will be. According to Jackson, his position is currently under evaluation so that it will be effectively filled.

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