Artist Spotlight: Drew "The Singer" Belsinger

Ever wonder if you are in the midst of greatness? Meet Drew Belsinger. An ardent vocalist and junior at St. Mary’s, this young artist shows our school what hard work, passion, and dedication are all about, note for note.

As a vocal performance major in the music department, Belsinger is actively involved with many singing ensembles on campus for degree credit. While he commits much of his time to the choir and chamber singers, he is also a part of the college’s newest choral group, Ping, a smaller ensemble of about ten “hardcore people,” said Belsinger, who specialize in singing various types of music ideal for a small group of singers. Belsinger also pursues extra-curricular activities such as a cappella groups between private lessons that are required for all music majors.

Though he did not receive any formal training prior to entering college, Belsinger told The Point News that he struck up his interest in music while participating in a demanding vocal program at his high school. “I didn’t have much training more than just a passion and openness and willingness to want to explore what college music life is about,” Belsinger said, saying further that he became more intrigued as he became more involved in the program.

His curiosity paid off. After beginning his college career as a psychology major in his first year at SMCM, he decided to study music, declaring the major as a sophomore.

Belsinger’s musical background in high school and overall interest in music was influenced by the drive he got from his favorite music artists. He has been greatly influenced by R&B and commented that his favorite musician is John Legend. Desire to pursue music also came when he first arrived at the college and took notice of the a cappella events on campus.

Belsinger’s outlook for this semester is positive, even though he notes that it will be a challenging one. The greatest challenge and ultimate goal for him will be to find free time to practice on his own, stressing that a balance always has to be made between improving on one’s own musical skills and classes, group singing, and other activities. He not only wants to push himself, but wants to grow as solo singer as well. Challenging, too, will be the selections that his ensembles will be performing this semester and he is excited to collaborate with his fellow students to see what they bring to the music.

Also in Belsinger’s future is a career in teaching, as he aspires to be a high school teacher. Belsinger would like to motivate others and develop students’ passion for music. He will likely pursue a Masters in Education, possibly Music Education to realize this dream.

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