Staff Editorial: We Are Thankful…

In light of the approaching holiday season and upcoming Thanksgiving Break, we thought we would express the things for which we are most thankful this year.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank Mother Nature for further narrowing our list of possible future children’s names yet again. We didn’t care for Irene all that much, but taking away Sandy just hurts.

Speaking of that, we’re also very thankful and hopeful for the lack of mold on campus this time around. As much as we loved hearing “I’m On A Boat” ten times a day and for some of us, waking up to Sea Voyager crew drills, the stability is nice.

We are thankful for sweater weather, and warm fuzzy jackets that we can rub our faces against in public no matter who’s looking, because they’re just that fuzzy. Oh, and the hot apple cider with caramel from the Grind that fulfills our fall hopes and dreams.

We are thankful for Thanksgiving break, where we can switch gears and sulk in the amount of work we have to do before the semester ends in front of our parents and siblings rather than our roommates and friends. Also, we can gladfully stuff our faces while doing so.

And yes, we are thankful for the projected amount of carbs we can expect to consume between now and next semester in the duration of both Thanksgiving and Winter break…while laying on the couch…and cuddling with our dogs.

We are also thankful for our right to vote, especially on issues that are so important to our campus community, states, and country as a whole. There’s no greater feeling of yelling “DEMOCRACY!” after casting your ballot. Thanks, America.

We are thankful for sloths. They’re not really relevant to campus; actually, we’ve never seen them outside of the zoo and those adorable youtube videos, but we think we can say with all certainty that without sloths, the world would be a darker place. So, thanks, everyone, for giving us one of the cutest animals and having them star in multiple youtube videos, which, incidentally are both a great stress-reliever and procrastination tool right around finals time.

Did someone say procrastinating? That reminds us, we are thankful for the people who produce those Tumblr pages like Camp SMCM and #Whatshouldwecallme, for truly understanding our lives, and yes, also helping us procrastinate at award-winning measures.

But on a more serious note, we are thankful for our faculty and staff members of the College, without whom the school could not operate. We are thankful for housekeeping, grounds, and Bon App workers for putting in countless hours of hard work and always smiling to students while doing it.

We are thankful for St. Mary’s, which without, we wouldn’t have met some of our greatest friends, made some of our favorite memories, or be able to go on kayaking study breaks on Sunday afternoons.

Finally, we are very thankful for all of our subscribers, readers, sources, (both on-the-record and off), students, faculty, staff, and everyone who puts up with us when we bug you for a quote after a lecture.

We hope everyone has a very happy, and very thankful, Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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