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Women's Rugby Having a Good Season

The St. Mary’s women’s rugby team, coached by Dustin Allan, has been doing well this semester. They have won and lost games, and they practice in all weather, rain or shine. Their captains, seniors Diana Roman and Sarah Brown, are graduating, and there is a lot of hope  being held out for the team’s current rookies.

The St. Mary’s team is one that is unique, with a bond that sets them apart from others. Sophomore Kat Porter said, “We’re a family. We love each other, even if we don’t like each other all the time. Every team has its troubles, but at the end of the day we eat together and play together…we’re a team. That’s what sets us apart.”

The most important thing to remember about the women’s rugby team is that they play as a team. Recently, the team played in a MARFU (Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union) game, and, though they lost seven tries to one,  Sophomore Kerry Maguire said, “If we had won, it would have meant getting closer to nationals, which we’ve never done. We were missing a lot of people so we were short, but even though the scoreboard might not have reflected what we wanted it to show, we played as a team and we did a great job.”

To Maguire, while winning scores on a scoreboard are desired, it is not as important to the team as playing together and taking the victories and losses as a team.

The rugby team has gotten several rookies that, according to sophomore Caitlin Slife, “are really dedicated. Currently, we are building up a new team as many of our veterans are either studying abroad or graduating.” There is a hope that the rookies will be able to pick up any slack that is left after the seniors on the team graduate.

Porter said, “Next fall we’ll get our entire back line from studying abroad, and hopefully the rookies will be able to step up and fill the shoes of the current seniors.”

Although the rugby team has no more official games, there will be a tournament in West Virginia (which will be grueling but fun, according to Maguire) and there will be an alumni game in mid-April, during which the players all don prom dresses. Maguire highly recommends that people go and view the game: “It’s wet and muddy and we’re playing in dresses from thrift stores or that we have from a long time ago. It’s all just regular rugby stuff: we’re wearing cleats, mouth guards, but we’re also in prom dresses.”

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