News-in-Brief: Dove Yearbook Available Before Graduation for First Time

The Dove yearbook for the 2011-2012 school year, which will be available for purchase by students and staff the week before finals, has chosen to take on the theme of “Apocalyptic.”

Filling up a total of 81 pages, all in color, this year’s yearbook reflects on the many trials and tribulations the student body has faced throughout the year, including the earthquake, hurricane, fire, the mold, hotels, the Sea Voyager, bed bugs, and power outages.

The yearbook will include such things as an introduction from President Joe Urgo, pictures of sports teams (both varsity and club) and non-athletic clubs, photograph collages, personal advertisements, and senior portraits.

The Dove, which was acquired by The Point News Publications last semester, is planning to be better than ever. The Point News Publications has been able to offer a larger access to photographs of on campus events, the use of a professional software program (InDesign), and a cozier financial standing. While the staff have only been able to put together the yearbook this semester, they are quickly working on completing it so that it will be available before graduation, which has never been done by The Dove before.

This early release date will allow time for students to have their friends sign their yearbooks before leaving at the end of the year. Photographs of World Carnival, the awards ceremony, senior week, commencement, and graduation, though, will not be placed in the yearbook, but The Dove staff plans to create a Final Events mini-book that will include those events and be released online at for free after graduation.

The yearbooks, which will cost $49, are slightly more expensive than last year, but the higher price allows for all pages to be in color and for more flexibility on the cover design. Books that are purchased after graduation and need to be shipped to the buyer will cost $55.

Out of the entire graduating class, 196 seniors sat for their senior portrait, which was offered for free by The Point News photographers. In the past, students have had to pay for their photographs to be taken, but this year they were free and have been placed on The Point News website for a free download. But if students wish to receive a copy of their senior portrait in a different size or without the watermark, it will cost money.

Production of the yearbook has also been aided by the purchase of advertisement space by the Campus Store, Taylor Gas Company in Lexington Park, The Green Door, and fourteen families of graduation seniors paying for personal advertisements.

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