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Artist Spotlight: For All Mankind

When sophomores Danny O’Neill, Pete Ferrini, and Yago Tancredi met in the halls of Dorchester last year, little did they know that within a few short months, they would be part of a group called FAM, blending their very different styles of music into a new sound.

FAM, which stands for “For All Mankind”, just released their first mixtape in October of last year, entitled “Finga Lickin’ Ridiculous Children.” Their sound, according to group member Danny O’Neill, is a mix of alternative hip-hop and soul. The different backgrounds of the members of the group contributed to the originality of their sound.

“Yago is from DC – people who are really from DC live and breathe hip hop. It’s, like, engraved in the way they move,” O’Neill said. “Me and Pete, on the other hand, are rockers. Pete plays the drums, and for me, rapping is just a cool way to express yourself. We grew up on all different styles of music. You can make hip-hop using any style of music and we incorporate a lot of melodies into our songs because Yago and I are both singers and we want to make that evident . . . FAM is a band that takes from literally any style that makes your ears perk up. Basically, we don’t care what genre your music is categorized in if it sounds good.”

Each member also brought various skills into the group. Ferrini produces the beats, records, and mixes while Tancredi and O’Neill write the songs.

“It’s really cool because both Yago and Pete are skilled producers,” O’Neill added. “Pete is a tech-wizard, so he can take our ideas and make them into real sounds.”

The group, originally called “Good Muzik,” became family through the process of creating their new sound. Some of the challenges for the group include battling stereotypes and the harsh reality of being broke college students. Another challenge they face is the different styles of music, which sometimes clash when one style starts to overpower another. The solution, the group says, is to have faith in the people you are working with and know that everyone is just shooting for the best sound possible.

“FAM is an enterprise,” O’Neill said. “Anyone we’ve ever worked with is our family because that’s the way it has to be. FAM literally stands for ‘For All Mankind’ because that’s just what it is. We make this music for ourselves and for those who are like us, who will respect anything if it sounds good. There’s a lot in store for us right now. All I can really say at this point is watch out for video releases and a new mixtape this summer.”

The group was recently featured on “Dirty Mexican Lemonade,” a hip-hop blog. Their tracks can be heard by visiting www.soundcloud.com/forallmankind or by looking them up on Facebook, Twitter (@FAMmusicdc), Hulkshare, and Mediafire.

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