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Senior Day for Men’s Basketball: Win 95-81

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the St. Mary’s men’s basketball team played against Frostburg State in the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC), winning 95-81.

Starting lineup for St. Mary’s consisted of sophomore Christian MacAuley, junior Devin Spencer, junior Chris Hutchinson, Mike Fitzpatrick (the only senior in the lineup), and sophomore Brendan McFall. From the beginning of the game, sophomore Mike Schmidt said, “The air was ecstatic as people cheered for the St. Mary’s team.”

The game began with a turnover by Hutchinson, and, though the first basket was made by senior Maurice Williams of Frostburg State, possession returned to the St. Mary’s team very quickly, allowing MacAuley to make a layup with an assist from Fitzpatrick. After another basket made by MacAuley shortly thereafter, the Seahawks were ahead for the entirety of the game. The last few points gained by the Seahawks, bringing them up to 95, were due to free throws made by first-year Lee Jordan.

Up until now, the men’s basketball team has been on a general winning streak, with 18 wins (the game against Frostburg being the 19th), and seven losses before Feb. 18, though the game on Feb. 23 made for an eighth. A large number of their CAC games have been won, though it was important for them to win this game, as it allowed them to proceed to the CAC semi-finals. Jeff Haus, currently a junior, said, “At this time of the season every year, we all try to start playing for our seniors because we know it is the last time they could ever play a real, competitive basketball game.”

To Haus, it is important that the seniors get a game that they can remember. In this case, senior Mike Fitzpatrick was the only senior playing when the team went up against Frostburg. This game has marked the approaching end of Fitzpatrick’s career as a college basketball player, with the next opportunity being any alumni games that are held next year.

When asked about the current seniors on the team, Haus described senior Mike Fitzpatrick as someone that they can look up to, saying, “As a team we have continuously looked at Mikey as a teammate, leader, and friend. That’s why we want to continue to play as long as we can…so we can continue his career.”

In addition, Haus said (on being a senior next year) that the team will hopefully win a championship because “it’s the only way I’d want to go out.” He is one of three juniors currently on the roster, and he wants to ensure that they have one last great year together, describing next year as what could be “the most exciting yet.”

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