Club Spotlight: Seahawk Radio

With forty-three registered radio shows per week, the Hawk Radio is a very open atmosphere for music, which is senior and president of Hawk Radio Nick Hughes’ favorite thing about the station.

“I think the best part is that anyone can have a show about anything they want. You want to do a show made up of interviews about cats? You got it. You want to play only music by people named ‘Carl’? Go ahead!” Hughes said. “It’s a really open atmosphere, which I think is important to have at St. Mary’s.”

The St. Mary’s official radio station is completely student run and streamed live on the Internet at The weekly shows range from genres like country to indie rock to hip-hop and talk shows as well.

“I try and play a pretty wide variety of music but I tend to stick to chilled-out electronic and indie music that you won’t hear on the major radio stations,” said Hughes, whose show called “live! From Outer Space” airs at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Rebuilding the station in his freshman year, Brooks Whiteford, ’08, still helps run the station mainly by keeping the site updated. “I was a computer science major, and I always have had a passion for audio and broadcasting so once I had an opportunity, I started working on it,” said Whiteford.

In 2005, the station was broadcasted through a campus television channel. One of Whiteford’s first moves was to switch over the station from students having to listen through the television to being able to listen anywhere by streaming live on the Internet. “By the end of 2006, we were streaming on the Internet. The website also implied a bunch of other stuff, too,” he said. These included the availability for show hosts to post playlists, information about shows and the station, and to get listener feedback.

Currently, updates being made to the site include show automation and dual phone lines for calling-in to make the station more up to date and for better listener interaction.

Hughes, who was the engineering director for the station his sophomore and junior years, is excited for the updates to the site and claims that the updates will “make it way sexier and easier to use.”

Though anyone is eligible to sign up for a show, sign-ups take place only at the beginning of each semester as well as training and meetings for DJs before they can go on air, according to Hughes.

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