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Urgo Asks Governor for Additional Grant to Aid Affordability

August 31, 2011 dchase 0

President Joseph Urgo and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Molly Mahoney Matthews, are asking Governor O’Malley and the Maryland General Assembly for an additional $5 million a year to improve affordability and increase access to St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Hurricane Irene Hits St. Mary's

August 31, 2011 akzelaya 0

This past weekend Maryland experienced Hurricane Irene in the middle of St. Mary’s Orientation. The torrential downpour and 75 mph winds delayed orientation activities and move-in for returning students. Irene’s main destruction hit Saturday night, forcing the school to push back move in day until Aug. 29 and the first day of classes to Aug. 30. To accommodate first day delay, classes will be held on Labor Day.

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Summer Sees Staff Changes

August 31, 2011 akzelaya 0

Last year during a President’s Council meeting, it was proposed that the positions of Coordinator of Student Activites and the Judicial Affairs officer should be two different positions instead of a joint position held by one person.

News in Brief: The Pub Opens

August 31, 2011 hsgrabenstein 0

Because of the success of the pilot program last spring semester, the Pub’s late night food option will officially open for business Thursday, September 1. Though only food will be served at its opening, the Pub will begin serving alcohol a week later on Thursday, September 8.

What New Students Should Know About Public Safety

August 31, 2011 ddzylak 0

New students should know that our campus is generally a safe campus but they should use some common sense rules of safety, such as traveling in pairs, locking doors, not giving out PINs or passwords, and always being aware of their surroundings.

The Top Five Things Professors Think New Students Should Know

August 31, 2011 adavis 0

To most students here at St. Mary’s, this week is just the beginning of another year of classes, but to some, this is the first week ever of college level classes. For the benefit of those new students, numerous professors from across the campus were interviewed via email about the top five things they think new students should know as they embark upon their first year here at St. Mary’s.

Governor's Cup Sails Forward Successfully

August 31, 2011 jlschroeder 0

On the first weekend of August, St. Mary’s College of Maryland welcomed students, faculty, staff, and guests from all over onto the banks of the waterfront in order to watch or complete the annual Governor’s Cup Yacht Race.

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Spring Sports Reflection

August 31, 2011 efkelley 0

While it may be hard to find time in a busy school schedule for other things, the beginning of the school year promises to have lots of events for students to participate in. And while you might find yourself going to hear guest lecturers, seeing plays with friends, or hanging out at the waterfront, there will also be plenty of sports to go to (schedule provided in this issue) throughout the fall semester.