The Polar Bear Splash

February 20, 2011 kpbaier 0

Students gathered down at the Riverfront Center on Thursday, February 17th, for the Polar Bear Splash: a yearly charitable event.

News in Brief: Internet Speed Doubles

February 16, 2011 dchase 0

George Waggoner, Director of Campus Technology Support Services, confirmed that yesterday, Feb. 15, St. Mary’s Technology Services and the University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System (UMATS) successfully connected using a 100 MB/s internet line installed by Verizon two weeks ago.

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Nest Controversy Leads To Shutdown

February 15, 2011 jrocha 0

Though the Nest has not always been a popular late-night weekend hotspot, last semester saw extraordinarily high attendance, leading to a volatile situation that recently resulted in its temporary closing.

Students Arm Against Undead Tag Apocalypse on Campus

February 15, 2011 hsgrabenstein 0

The weekend of Feb. 5 and 6, over 50 zombies on the St. Mary’s campus starved to death as part of Mission Scorched Earth, when humans stayed indoors to deprive zombies of their food; the Friday before, also known as Z-day, 30 zombies surrounded Goodpaster Hall to attack and kill Professor Leah Eller.

College Assesses Accessibility, Encourages Awareness

February 15, 2011 pfsparklin 0

During the semester Lenny Howard, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services, freqently takes a walk on campus to assess the accessibility of campus for individuals with disabilities, an issue that at first glance only seems to affect a limited number of students on campus but in reality is of major importance.

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Globalizing Our Education

February 15, 2011 alagarunova 0

President Joseph Urgo attended the annual American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference on Jan. 27, along with Dean of the Core Curriculum, Libby Nutt Williams, Assistant Dean of the Core Curriculum, Ruth Feingold, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Larry Vote.

Alums Advise Prospective Farmers

February 15, 2011 jrocha 0

“Farmers should be respected just like doctors and lawyers,” said Meredith Epstein, ‘08, at a presentation she gave with fellow alum Guy Kilpatric, ‘09, on the successes both have found as part of a growing movement of young farmers in the United States.