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Year: 2011

Second Generation Women Artists After the Holocaust, Themes and Symbols

Director of Contemporary Studies Program and Professor of Humanities Dorota Glowacka from the University of King’s College in Canada visited St. Mary’s on Wednesday to deliver a lecture titled, “Encounters with the Daughters of Absence: Women Artists after the Holocaust.” Lecture and Fine Arts, The Arts Alliance, The Department of Philosophy and Read More

As Administrative Wages Rise, Staff Morale Falls

Correction: 58 faculty members will receive a raise in January 2012 under state law including 23 Assistant Professors, 22 Associate Professors and 13 Professors. Also, 18 staff members, not 15 as originally reported, received or will receive raises.  In response to a bill recently passed by the Maryland General Assembly, St. Mary’s College administrators are accepting a salary Read More

SEAC Attends Keystone Pipleine Protest at White House

This October St. Mary’s Environmental Action Commission (SEAC) attended a rally in protest of the building of the Keystone pipeline. The specific rally involved 10,000 people encircling the White House. “The original goal of the action’s organizers was 3,000 so we surpassed it by more than three times. We brought Read More