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Art and Human Rights in Latin America

November 17, 2010 mtsmaldone 0

On Nov. 11, students interested in the visual arts, sociology, and political science were treated to a lecture by Dr. Andrea Giunta, a Professor of Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. Latin American art is Giunta’s specialty, which is why her presentation was focused on different artists’ representation of such concepts as identity and absence in the aftermath of Argentina’s Dirty War.

Student-Run Campus Beautification Project Cleans Up After Your Parties

November 16, 2010 hsgrabenstein 0

It’s no surprise that after a weekend of revelry, St. Mary’s campus could use a little bit of a clean-up. That’s the intention of Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful, a once-weekly beautification program which picks up trash around campus. All are welcome to attend the clean-ups, and the group meets up Sundays at 1 pm at the Campus Center patio.

Feminism, Poetry and Sex Fuse at Lecture

November 16, 2010 kpjernigan 0

Barbara Baumgartner, in her presentation on Victorian-era popular medical texts, combined her background as both a nurse in neurology and as Associate Director in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Washington University in St. Louis into a unique, “historical-medical” approach to seeing the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

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On Oxford and the Changing Face of Education: A Conversation With Maggie

November 16, 2010 zrcopley 0

I recently spoke with Jane Margaret “Maggie” O’Brien, the former president of St. Mary’s, about what she’s been involved with lately. She stepped down from the college in July of 2009 and began working for Oxford University’s international program, the College for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS).

NIH Programs Officer Spreads Word about Influenza Vaccines

November 16, 2010 sdrees 0

To conclude the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Colloquium (NS&M) series for the Fall 2010 semester, Frederick Cassels, ‘80, Programs Officer of the Respiratory Diseases Branch (RDB) of the National Institute of Health (NIH), presented on the development of vaccines for influenza virus and the 2009 outbreak in his presentation Influenza Vaccines and the 2009 H1N1 Experience on Wednesday.

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Tips and Recipes for Local Eating

November 16, 2010 caselle 0

Local food movements have been gaining power over the last few years. Books such as Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma both touted the benefits of eating local.

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Trustee Profile: Sherrie Bailey

November 16, 2010 jrocha 0

Sherrie Bailey, ‘81, St. Mary’s Alum and Judge for the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, is this week’s featured member of the Board of Trustees. Bailey became a Trustee in 2005 while she was an Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.