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Month: November 2010

Art and Human Rights in Latin America

On Nov. 11, students interested in the visual arts, sociology, and political science were treated to a lecture by Dr. Andrea Giunta, a Professor of Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. Latin American art is Giunta’s specialty, which is why her presentation was focused on different artists’ representation of such concepts as identity and absence in the aftermath of Argentina’s Dirty War.

Student-Run Campus Beautification Project Cleans Up After Your Parties

It’s no surprise that after a weekend of revelry, St. Mary’s campus could use a little bit of a clean-up. That’s the intention of Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful, a once-weekly beautification program which picks up trash around campus. All are welcome to attend the clean-ups, and the group meets up Sundays at 1 pm at the Campus Center patio.