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SGA Victors: Weiss/Benjes, Smith, Harvey

April 27, 2010 lnsouthgate 0

On Monday, Apr. 19, the results of the Student Government Association (SGA) executive board elections were announced. The 2010-2011 SGA president and vice-president will be juniors Marlena Weiss and Ken Benjes, the treasurer will be junior Matt Smith, and the director of campus programming will be junior Jessica Harvey.

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Panel Celebrates Twain

April 27, 2010 jlschroeder 0

On Apr. 24 at 7 p.m., one of St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s last big events of the academic school year took place: The 4th annual Mark Twain Lecture Series on American Humor and Culture.

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Biology Student Published in Journal of Applied Toxicology

April 27, 2010 sdrees 0

“Differential Ablation of Sensory Receptors Underlies Oxytocin-Induced Shifts in Auditory Thresholds of the Goldfish (Carassius auratus).” This is the title of senior Gordon Michael Selckmann’s recent publication in the Journal of Applied Toxicology (JAT).